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Divergent Marketing, in business since 1994, initially started offering cheerleading apparel in 2001 to help a friend of our owner. This friend was a high school cheerleading coach who had service issues with impersonal cheerleading supply companies that were constantly shipping wrong styles/colors, had late shipments and difficult return policies.

After receiving a shipment of the wrong color body suits and cheer briefs days before their first game, our friend asked Divergent Marketing if they could somehow get them all their 39 body suits & 36 briefs in time for their season opener. Much to her surprise, Divergent Marketing delivered the whole order correctly in 2 days with a top name quality brand of Body Wrappers. The colors were correct. The styles were correct. The sizes and quantities were correct. From that point on Divergent Marketing started supplying all of that coach’s cheer apparel from head to toe of cheer shoes, socks, briefs, body suits, uniforms, duffle bags, hair bows, warm ups and practice wear for her team. Soon other teams heard about the prompt accurate service and quality apparel brands, such as Nike, Reebok, Holloway Sportswear, Kaepa, Body Wrappers and Alleson Athletic, and they started ordering from Divergent Marketing to enjoy the same great service.

Now over 12 years later we are thankful for the trust thousands of cheerleaders have given us in supplying them with the cheer

about us

apparel they depend on for their games and competitions. With each season our goal remains the same to supply quality cheer apparel brands in a timely manner at affordable prices to cheerleaders at all levels of competition. We would welcome the opportunity to be of service to your team and for you to see why we cheer 4 cheerleaders!

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Bill Rexer
Ph. (607) 862-4198
Email: bill@cheer4me.com

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